Diner Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?
To make a reservation, you must call participating restaurants. Phone numbers may be found on the Where to Dine page.

How do I know which restaurants and businesses are participating?
All participants' phone numbers, website links and EERW menus can be accessed under Where to Dine.

How can I find out which restaurants are open on a certain day?
You must call that particular restaurant.

When should I make a reservation?
It is best to make a reservation as early as possible as dining rooms may book quickly. We recommend calling 7-10 days in advance for reservations.

Are tips included in the prix fixe price?
Gratuity is not included but a 20% tip is recommended for friendly waitstaff that work hard throughout the week.

Are beverages included in the prix fixe price?
Coffee, tea, and beverages are not included in this price. The promotion includes appetizer, dessert, and entrée.

Why do some restaurants offer additional items with supplemental charges and others do not?
Participating restaurants MUST offer the $32.95 three-course prix fixe that includes at least three choices of each course — three appetizers, three entrées, three desserts. It is their choice to offer additional items that are higher priced but there must be at least three non-supplemented choices on the menu.

Who can I call with a comment about a restaurant?
All comments about a restaurant's menu and service should be directed to the particular restaurant. You can call (631) 329-2111 for comments about the promotion overall.

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